Company Profile

Founded in 1996, All About Security Agency (AASA) is based in Oakland, California.  CEO Eric Jefferson has been providing security services since 1990 throughout the Bay Area.

Certification and Training

All About Security has a highly trained, skilled staff of 50 armed and unarmed agents and private investigators who are all former police officers or deputy sheriffs.  Every security agent is certified.

To keep our skills sharp in every aspect of our work, AASA provides continuing training for all agents, including;

  • Arrest procedures
  • Firearm skills
  • First Aid
  • Public relations
  • Emergency procedures
  • Bomb threat procedures
  • Baton use
  • Mace use
  • Report writing

Our Values

Our core values of Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness are embedded in all our work practices and business decisions.

  • A security agent has integrity, which is why customers trust us to work on their premises
  • A security agent is vigilant, trained to see, hear, protect and evaluate
  • A security agent is helpful in all aspects of our client relationship